Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you offer flat rate fees?

  • Yes, flat rates are available.

2. Do you take last minute appointments?

  • Yes. For last minute appointments placed within 24 hours of needed services, please make sure you get a confirmation email or phone call to assure services have been scheduled. If you have not received a confirmation appointment has not been scheduled. If you have any questions please 1-866-760-0001.

3. How do I get a quote?

4. How do I cancel my reservation?

  • Please call or email us and wait for a cancellation confirmation.

5. Do you allow companions to ride along?

  • Yes we can depending on the situation. We provide services at the request of the insurance company and follow direction based upon their policies and procedures.

6. How do I give feedback to Ambassador Service Group?

  • We always welcome feedback. You can contact us here, send us an email, or call us at 1-866-760-0001.



1. What factors determine the pricing of document translation services?

  • We bill based upon number of words and pages as well as how technical the document is. Turn around time is also a factor.

2. What do you need in order to provide a quote for document translation services?

  • Please fill out our Contact Us Form and email or Fax (919-570-9186) us the document to be translated.

3. How long does a document translation usually take?

  • It varies with each document and language according to the availability of the translator. Email or give us a call and we can give you specific information.

4.How many languages do you translate?

  • We can translate over 200 languages.



1. What is the difference between translation and interpretation services?

  • Interpretation is verbal, while a translation is in a written form.



1. Does Ambassador offer accredited programs for CCM’s?

  •    Yes, we offer a “Cultural Diversity” program with one CEU for Certified Case Managers.

2. Does Ambassador offer any adjuster accredited programs.

  •    We are in the process of getting the “Cultural Diversity” program approved for adjusters.