Other Services

Ambassador Service Group also provides the following services:

Cultural Competency Training

We do training and consultations to help organizations interact effectively with people of different cultures. Our cultural competence consultation provides education in four main areas:

  1. Awareness of one’s own cultural world view
  2. Attitude towards cultural differences
  3. Knowledge of different cultural practices and world views
  4. Cross-cultural skills

Developing cultural competence results in an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures.

“Cultural Diversity” Accredited Education

Ambassador offers a one hour CEU for Certified Case Managers (CCM’s) on “Cultural Diversity.”
We are in the process of submitting “Cultural Diversity” for adjuster certification. Information will follow!

Business Liaison

We can help you establish positive relations with the people of other cultures so you can better serve a growing diversity in your business. We can help you build relationships, earn trust, and improve communication with your clients.

Coordination of Overseas Trips

We can plan, schedule and offer travel-related expertise for when you need to travel overseas to a country when you do not speak the language. We give keen attention to details, organization and people skills.

  • We can address business, family and vacation travel needs.
  • We can book tickets, provide research about destinations, plan trips, and give advice.
  • We can suggest the best times to travel and which activities to enjoy.
  • We can also reserve rental cars, hotel rooms and even schedule tours.

We have extensive experience in domestic and foreign travel. This makes us a great choice to coordinate your overseas trip.

Fees: Prices vary according to complexity of project, location and availability. Please contact us for a quote today..