Ambassador Service Group employs people who work diligently to provide cost effective solutions for real people. Those same values compel us to invest in people and programs that make a difference in the communities we serve. We donate both time and resources to charitable causes that meet the needs of the community and create significant growth in the community. We have a culture of caring -not only with our clients but also with our community!

Local Outreach

  • Every year we plan and put together multiple free medical clinics through local organizations including our local church. We see  over 300 patients per clinic for medical, dental, and vision.
  • We participate in Angels Among Us walk and give money to fight brain tumors.
  • We’ve donated money to St.Baldricks as well as individuals to fight childhood cancer.

Global Outreach

  • We use our translation skills to organize and coordinate multiple yearly overseas mission trips.
  • Lucia and some of the staff also go to many of these mission trips to translate for Doctors and Missionaries. They have volunteered their time and skills in countries such as Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.